Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Resolution Dissolution

photo by PSC 12/28/2013

Resolution Dissolution


Happy New You!  


Let’s cease this

insane insistence

on improvements.


Stop trying to be some-

one else, some-

one better; 

we’re not

cut out 

to be




Let’s just resolve

to cut ourselves some slack,

embrace our imp-


wholly accept ourselves – 


and all.



Slightly revised from original poem, posted Wed Jan 2, 2013, 

in response to "Poetic Asides" & "Poetic Bloomings" prompts.


Happy New Year to ALL my friends & family, near & far -- in real (& virtual) time & space!  





Monday, December 9, 2013


Katie - A puppet designed, created

and photographed by Rolande Duprey


A lifetime can be cobbled
from snippets and clippings
stashed in a sewing basket

 Hodgepodge of bits & pieces,
fragments of fabric

(tiniest scraps of treasures)

remnants culled, collected –
recollections of people, places,
times gone by 

every vestige
meticulously clipped,
saved, salvaged:

Wool snipped from an old uniform
and Sunday-go-to-meeting suit,
strips of gingham, denim, twill

satin patch of wedding dress,
slips of silk from baby’s blanket

mementos of loved ones, 
joys & sorrows,
marriages & miscarriages

painstakingly basted into place
(needles and thread,
scissors and seam-rippers)
arranged and re-arranged –
through years, laughter and tears;
tales told and retold,
sorted, stitched,
(many hands and hearts)
gathered, assembled,
embellished – 
entire lifetimes pieced,
mended, quilted together
from treasured remains

This poem was inspired by, and written for, a creative & talented friend of mine. 
Use the link below to swing by her site and see more on quilting & the quilt shown above:
And the poem subsequently inspired a video (linked here):

Video by Rolande Duprey of "Patchwork" by P.S. Cleary