Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Napus Interruptus

photo by PSC / 2011

  Napus Interruptus


Hard to say
was more surprised – 

that startled turtle I snapped
from his afternoon nap, or me
finding him suddenly beside me,
descried snoozing 
out cold on a lily pad
as I paddled slowly by.  And yet,

still too swift
to be captured by my camera 

he left behind
only this meager, worth-
less poem.


photo by PSC / 2012
photo by PSC / 2011


And now (just for fun) go ahead and check out this "turtle poem"
from Robert Lee Brewer's 2014 April PAD Challenge:


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Unicorn Muse

Statue of Unicorn.  Public Domain photo:  Credits appear below.

 Unicorn Muse
She’s seduced by the seasons.

Beguiled by winter’s crystalline craft.
Pleased by autumn wildflowers
popping up in unexpected places.
Delighted by summer’s delectable treats.
Teased by spring scents borne on the breeze.
Charmed by cardinals, tickled by chipmunks, she’s

elusive:  filtered sunlight,
luminescent fireflies,
mystical moonlight,
morning glory magic.

She doesn’t come when called.
Won’t be beckoned.  Only appears
at improbable moments.

Evanescent, evasive, she hovers
ever primed for escape --
butterfly, hummingbird, damselfly.
Mayhap a chimera? 

Or maybe,
more like a unicorn:  
wild, untamed, unbroken.
She  won’t be roped and ridden.
Unsubstantiated creature.
A wholly mythical beast –

unless you believe.


Penned for Creative Bloomings Prompt #161:

Public Domain photo credits: 
Statue of Unicorn, N22 National Route, Co Kerry, Ireland
Created by Kglavin Feb 2005  
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.