Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Hawkeye Wave

photo clipped from attached video

The Hawkeye Wave:
a small sign
of  gargantuan love,
hope, and support.

PSC / 2018

For more info on the Iowa Hawkeye wave, click the link below to a YouTube video:


Saturday, April 28, 2018

Old Codger, Newfangled Phone

photo by PSC / 2018
Old Codger, Newfangled Phone

He “butt dials” his son
every other day,
accidentally disconnects
his daughter (at least)
once a week.

(His kids think
he doesn’t know
what he’s doing.)

He knows they track
his whereabouts,
so he delights in
unsettling them
with a little surprise
now and then.

Stopped by
a tattoo parlor
the Monday past,
and last month, joined
a seniors’ dating site
suggested by a friend.

Doubling diverting,
that caused some ado, and
he met some nice gals too.

Kids still think
he doesn’t know
what he’s doing,
and he’s OK
with that.

PSC / 2018

Thursday, April 26, 2018

-Shipping & Handling

-Shipping & Handling

Relationships are complicated.
(It’s true. Ask anyone – even facebook.)

Sometimes in order to
maintain a good relation-
ship, save a flagging friend-
ship, or rekindle a dwindling kin-
ship, you’ll find you need
to plead the 5th.

if you ever
feel the urge
to quaff an entire 5th,
rest assured: that
–ship has sailed.)

Unsolicited advice
is cheap.
(But excellent advice is
next to impossible.)
Below is some
(of the former):

What’s good for the goose
isn’t always good-
hearted candor.

Despite what they say,
it’s never a good idea
to meet in the meddle;
it’s always better
to divide and concur.

And, most importantly,
you should never forget:
Absence makes the heart
look yonder.

PSC / 2018


Wednesday, April 25, 2018



Upon being dubbed
by a casual acquaintance
should one feel
or insulted?   

Would the result
be fisticuffs
or a friendly debate
between logophiles?

Might the two, in fact,
laughingly proclaim  
naming someone
a “puissant pissant”
is a perfectly poetic

PSC / 2018