Thursday, April 12, 2018

Too Many Tocsins

a super storm - Public Domain photo

Too Many Tocsins

She’s bitterly in-
ated, having
imbibed our poison-
ous concoctions
for far too long.

 Now she belches
flash fires, sneezes
gusts of debris & dust,
spews “super-storm”
tempests & tsunamis
and melts mountains
into rivers of mud. 

Her permafrost
is waxing temporary
as her ice caps liquefy
lifting up sea level in
perhaps a healthy attempt
to wash us all away.

This could be
our own personal
catechism of cataclysm,
and (I’m just wondering)
exactly how many tocsins
will it take
before we wake?

PSC / 2018

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