Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Moonflowers and Morning Glories

photo by PSC /2015
PD photo (full link below)


Morning Glories

All manner of wise & wonder-
ful flowers people this planet,
many of whom will open up,
then shut themselves down,
 some to simply wither and
wane, while others wax
again and again

Each adheres to its own
unique tenure, carefully timing
its blossoming and decline,
abiding by some secret, specific
plan of rhythm and rhyme
to synchronize
its blooming times

Some will blossom
and frolic in the morning sun
collapsing as evening settles in;
others soiree the night away,
folding up at first light of day.

How do they know
when to unfurl their petals?
How do they know
when it’s time to close?

Is there some shaman,
a conjurer of enchantment,
some magical sorcerer
waving his wand
like a maestro’s baton?

Or some master supervisor,
a timekeeper who schedules
and manages these mystical
mechanics with calendars,
dockets and timetables?

Might such timely rhythms be
controlled by their own internal
clockworks, or does (perhaps)
some supernatural bartender
offer up a last call?

At present, I can only
ponder and suppose,
but one day, mayhap,
I’ll be reborn
a morning glory
or a moonflower
so I might know.

PSC / 2018

Some morning glory videos (just for fun!):

And a link to the public domain moonflower photo:



Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Handwritten Note…

A Handwritten Note…
(to the fellow in Starbucks
fascinated by his phone)

Look up!
Look around.
Not everything you need
can be found
on that itsy-bitsy screen
(if you know what I mean.)

You smiled at me once,
(by chance, perhaps)
then relapsed
to your online
browsing trance.

It’s possible, maybe,
(do you like to dance?)
we have a latte to share.
But we’ll never know
if you just persist
in that single-minded
cell phone stare.

So set aside that fandangle
and talk to a human being.
There’s more to life
(and more to me)
than you (and that cell)
are seeing.

PSC / 2018