Friday, March 20, 2015

She teases,


She teases,




with her breezes –

sultry, warm;



 she freezes

coughing up an ugly storm.



She’s feisty –

all full of fire

and glowing, 




(just a short while later), madly snowing.


She’s vexed 


and you’re perplexed.


You never know


(one minute to the next)


which way she’s blowing.


First her mien’s a sunny blue then she’s hoary – through and through.

She can turn upon a dime

and you’re feeling quite maligned.

You wish that she’d be kind,

but she’s wholly disinclined.

Then, just around the time

you're about to lose your mind,

(with your patience wearing thin)

she'll slip beneath your skin

and the earth will fully bloom

with the scent of her perfume



(and you'll give in)









Today's posting celebrates Spring & the Vernal Equinox  

(in my little corner of the world)!


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Happy Spring!


(... or Autumn, depending on your perspective)!