Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Little Things

Zazzle product photo & model JamieLee

Girl blowing bubbles.
Taken in Victoria, Australia in MAR/2008
by fir0002/flagstaffotos.com.au

The Little Things


Gratitude to the grinning girl

whose expression made me smile

and whose baseball cap

encouraged me

to “Wander” (which I did).

Kudos to the kiddos

blowing bubbles on the lawn

for inviting this old lady to play along.

Best wishes to the spring bird, newly arrived,

who added his song to this new morning.

photo by PSC

 Thanks, too, to the owner of the car

with the (un-)Christian fish

(‘n’chips) bumper sticker

for the giggles

as I sat behind it

at a stop sign and

Zazzle product - Artwork designed by atheist_store

the painter of the Lemonad-

e stand sign that made me laugh

(out loud) when I caught a glimpse of it

out of the corner of my eye

just driving by.

PSC / 2015


photo by PSC / 2013