Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hearts and Crafts

A tribute inspired by 
(and including song titles from)  
 Dan Fogelberg  
(8/13/1951 – 12/16/2007)

Hearts and Crafts

Like Icarus ascending,
the higher you climb
the more you are lost in the sun.
You’re wishing on the moon and stars, but
it’s too soon to be on your way,
there’s no reason to run.

Someone’s been telling you stories  
of stolen moments in heart hotels,
ghosts and exiles in empty cages –  
all just souvenirs of hearts in decline.

 This need not be our last farewell.
Trust in the morning sky. Down the road
 wisteria whispers in the wind
and promises made
in the innocent age
are still within the reach
of this heart.

PSC / 2014

Penned for Creative Bloomings: prompt-155-say-it-with-music

 source of song titles:


Friday, May 2, 2014

Vacation, Day 1 Succumbs

photo by PSC / 2010
Vacation, Day 1 Succumbs

The sun sets westward into the bay,
moon rising behind, over the ocean.
Calypso music gambols, glides,
buoyed on the silky breeze.
Toes settle into sand.
You sip, savor a swallow
of fruity, coconut concoction,
inhale the salt scents,
exhale your last care, spent.


Written for 2014 April PAD Challenge:  Day 30 – A “calling it a day” poem:

Real Magic

Real Magic

There’s magic in math, in science, in nature.
Khayyam and Da Vinci knew it, wrote it, drew it;
Galileo and Newton sought it in the stars,
Fibonacci found it in numerical sequences – patterns
repeating in nature: mysteries unfolding in a fern,
the florets of a flower, chambers of a nautilus.

Empiricists can catalog details,
 focus on the bits and bytes,
but they see
only a small piece
of a much bigger picture.

There are facts & figures one can gather, yes:
you may weigh and measure all you like.
Calculate and extrapolate, if you must,
hypothesize and postulate, if you insist.
But, numbers, figures, data,
reasons & rationale
will only get you
so far.

Sooner or later,
you must put aside
the slide rule,
the telescope,
binoculars & microscope
and Open Your Self Up.

The rest – the magic & mystery,  
must be perceived by another means.
Sometimes, it’s simply
a matter of employing
the proper lens.


photo by PSC / 2014

Written for 2014 April PAD Challenge:  Day 29 – A realistic-magical poem: