Friday, November 30, 2012

Dishwasher Stud Muffins & Parenting Faeries - PAD - Nov 27

PSC / 2012

Dishwasher Stud Muffins & Parenting Faeries

Superheroes surround us.
There’s no readily apparent superpower,
no mask or special suit, no cape to give them away. 
You need pay heed, or you’ll never guess how
their (whispered) actions speak louder
than [shouted!] words to reveal their true identities.
(Note: Appearances may be deceiving.)
Though they seem exhausted – beaten up (& down)
 by all manner of evil foes & villains,
most still manage (somehow)
when all is said and done (against all ap-
parent odds) to foster truth and inspire integrity
while still maintaining patience (mostly);
to muster a tired smile, hang on to hope (by both hands),
and come back to do it all again


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

snowflakes - PAD - Nov 26

PSC / 2012


If only I could,
I would snatch
(one and all)
to suspend from the ceiling,
festoon on the wall,
or I’d catch
(on my tongue)
their enchanting free-fall.


Morpheus - PAD - Day 25

photo by PSC


Only I can make them settle
cease their mad, swirling (e)motions
muster Merlin’s magic (if I can)
transform them mayhap,
into soft, silent, serene snow-
flakes drifting ever downward
to land each atop another
creating a blanket of oblivion
(or maybe stars,
still in the night sky,
their only movement
nearly indiscernible –   
pinprick twinkles of light
sparking the darkness)
beneath which
I might (finally)
find sleep 

NOTE This is an "opposite" poem -- in response to my PAD Day 7 offering - "Spinning Thoughts"  
(which you can also read via the link below)