Friday, November 16, 2012

Fair Trade - PAD - Nov 15

Fair Trade

Insulted she was – until  
it hit her: an honest mistake,
after all: a volunteer, picking up
trash on the side of the road
is all too easily taken
for a lost & homeless soul
seeking aluminum assistance;

honestly, she was dressed rather
shabby – scruffy, even – and 
(having seen some homeless folks
sporting seedy furs & three piece suits)
she couldn’t help but wonder:
what would proper attire entail –
if one were aiming to avoid
a case of mistaken identity?

so she tendered a nod and a smile
(after all, why not accept a gift
in the manner in which it’s intended?)
to the guy in the pickup truck     
who tossed two empty
Red Bull cans into the street
at her feet

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