Thursday, November 8, 2012

Spinning Thoughts - PAD - Nov 7

Spinning Thoughts

In dark, silent stillness they
launch from their perch,
tiny rockets circling, circling,
swooping, swerving in perfect unison
until, as one, they settle to preen,
flaunting their feathers, (ruffling mine)
then lifting off to take flight again
in a whirlwind spinning eddy of
autumn leaves, swirling flutter dance
divinely choreographed ballet, where they
pause, breathe for but a heartbeat,
shiver, quiver, rustle in place
before spinning off again in a flight of
fish swimming in flawless synchronization,
flashing light and color, moving as one:
up, down, left, right, around and around,
keeping me sleepless 
within those spinning circles

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