Sunday, March 30, 2014

April Ain't Pretty

April ain’t pretty,
she’s a mess --
with muddy face
and prickly fingers.

She blusters,
blowing warm, then cold --
her temperament more gray
than blue.  She’s
sloppy too:  slushy,
wet & gushy,
mushy, drippy
& wind-whippy.

(Some might say
she’s jealous of May,
but I say it just ain’t so).

April is a workhorse.

And, you know,
of course, she can charm you.

She’ll disarm you,
(while Winter she erases)
popping posies
in unexpected places.


When I first started writing this poem, I thought I was writing about the month of April in terms of the process of winter turning into spring.  By the time the poem was completed, I realized it was also about the Poem-a-Day Challenge offered by Robert Lee Brewer.  This challenge can also be a messy, prickly "workhorse" that blows hot & cold AND (if we're lucky) -- sprouts a few posies.  

Here's wishing luck to all my poetic friends who take on the challenge (and to me, too).  Hopefully, we'll all have a successful month of "poeming"! 

For more info on Robert Lee Brewer's PAD Challenge, check out the link below:  

Robert Lee Brewer's APRIL PAD (Poem-a-Day) Challenge