Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random Acts

photos by PSC / 2012


random act of pansies,
their sweet, silly faces
popped in colorful pots,
smiling on the front porch

chance proffer of poems
tacked up on phone poles,
taped inside storm doors,
tucked beneath door mats

stray lavish of pleasantries
greetings, drive-by smiles,
a car horn toot, friendly wave,
song, salute or tip of the hat

gifts bestowed by some unknown
gardener, poet, artist, stranger,
intending only kindness, needing
neither reward nor recognition

unable to return the favor; no way
to pay back the benefactor;  only
two things you can do:
pass it by, or pass it on

PSC/Nov 2011 

NOTE:  APRIL is National Poetry Month in U.S. and Canada.   
  • I will be participating in Robert Lee Brewer's Poetic Asides Poem-A-Day (PAD) Challenge -- which requires poets to create a poem in response to a different prompt each day.  If I can keep up, I'll post some of them here.  
  • I also plan to practice some RANDOM ACTS OF POETRY locally during the month of APRIL.  I intend to “plant” some poems around town: at the grocery store, the library, the local park – wherever I go -- in the hopes that people will enjoy them and pass them on.  
  • Feel free to join in the fun!  If you’ve got some of your own poems, you’d like to share, I’ll be only too happy to post them about my hometown for you! 
 And, as Robert Lee Brewer says, "HAPPY POEMING"!

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Last Fish

photos by PSC / 2012

The Last Fish  
 (by psc)
What need will there be for benches, 
perfectly situated for fishing, properly positioned 
for introspection, contemplation, when this place
 declines, and all that remains are Styrofoam & plastic,
beer bottles, paper bags, soda cans, twine, rusty hooks
and tangled  fishing line?  …when cellophane profanes all 
that once was beautiful here?  …when the final fish’s gill 
has gasped its last breath, and there’s nothing left alive
 in this water or on this land?  No scents remaining, 
and the only visual evidence preserved on 
some server -- bits & bytes backed up 
on a flash drive or online 
encyclopedia?  What 
will be left to ponder 
or admire?
Who will 
want to 
pause in this place then,
and why?

NOTE:  This poem & pic was inspired by Joseph Harker's Reverie Twelve: ephemeral
-- link included here:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012



A friend of mine’s in a fine funk,
conjugating verbs – stink, stank and stunk.
She’s feeling resentful
about her most scent-ful
(and unwelcome) guest – Mr. Skunk!   


public domain photo

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wood Anemones

photo by PSC / 2012

Wood anemones
hiding, tucked behind this tree
such a sweet surprise

photos by PSC / 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mr. Wonderful!

My happy birthday wishes to my own "Mr. Wonderful":

photo by PSC / 2012

Before the Day Begins

Spooned to you,
your arm blankets
my waist, warm hands
cradle my chilled fingers,
breaths soft, synch-
ronized, eyes closed;
see morning
light the room, hear
the comforting hum
of the furnace, feel
the smile
on these lips

Happy Birthday, Timothy!  -  PSC Greetings / 2012

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Johnny Appleseed

Busy day!!  No time to write today, so I am resurrecting a previously published piece.  

This one "fits the bill", as the subject has come up several times this week -- about how difficult it is to take a piece you've written and "send it off into the world" (whether online or in print form).  It feels a bit like letting a child go off on their own -- or planting a seed -- never knowing where it might end up.  Hope you enjoy... and pass it on!   


 (Originally published on Everyday Poets  - June 11, 2009)

Slice open a vein.
Let the words flow out,
unchecked, uncensored.
Bleed until you run dry, then

gather the gems
like precious seeds, and
toss them into the wind,

never knowing
where they may
take root
and grow.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Evening

photo by PSC / 2012

Spring Evening

Dusk descends
just outside my window
shades of blue beckoning the twilight

Faintest breeze
wafting past the curtain
sets the linen fluttering in dance

Peepers’ call
reaches through the window
tempting me to step outside to hear

Lovely night
the spring’s a symphony
the music of her song enchants me

 NOTE:  Poem written for "In-Form" prompt for Poetic Bloomings:  Parallelogram de Crystalline form - created by Karan Naidu.