Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And So, I Walk...

(all photos by PSC)

And So I Walk...

I like to write, and so I walk,
seeking out the just-right idea or
image; inspiration to fold into a poem,
so someone might see what I see,
feel what I feel.  Sometimes,
I hike for miles searching
for the perfect word,
or turn of phrase.

My favorite walking spot:  the
reservoir trail, where inspiration
sparkles on water’s smooth surface,
tumbles intently over the falls,
peers out from periwinkles,
primps amid sweet peas, nests
among feather ferns, dances
in lady slippers, waits patiently
with the waif-like ghost plants.

I walk in rain and snow and fog,
sometimes stumbling upon
idyllic images glistening in the mist.
Pictures pour down on me with the rain
or blanket me in soft snowflakes.  At
end of trail, I visit with a solitary pine,
guardian of the falls, who whis-
pers his secrets to me, and then,
I turn around, retracing my steps,
searching out something
I might have

PSC / Apr 2009

periwinkle  /  sweet peas    /  feather ferns  /   lady slipper / ghost plant


  1. Oooooo, I am so coveting your seasons, and your woods. The desert has its charms, but this mermaid muse/inner wood nymph longs every day for more leafy or wave-tossed corners of the world. Beautiful!

    1. You bet! I SOOOO love having four seasons! Of course, right NOW, my world looks like the piney path above, and (while I HAVE seen some of those periwinkles in bloom) the rest of the lovelies here are still a-slumbering at present. ;-)

  2. Pamela, this is a gorgeous poem ended perfectly with pine whispered secrets and such gems of little flowers here! They look to have such sweet personalities! Thank you for this lovely glimpse into your strolling amble! :)

  3. Thank you, Hannah! Your feedback is always welcome and happily received! Now, I'm off to my next strolling amble! ;-)

  4. This is absolutely a writing process. :) And a beautiful one that I deeply covet. ;)

    1. Any time you're in CT, look me up! I'll take you for a walk. ;-)

  5. Yes! This is a process we share this strolling poetic sister!! I love this,

    "inspiration to fold into a poem,
    so someone might see what I see,
    feel what I feel."

    Yes...sigh. Beautiful poem, Pamela!!

    1. Thank you, Hannah! Knew this one would touch a chord with you. :-) Meet me at that pine tree, and we'll make the return trip together. We're bound to find that "something I might have missed". ;-)