Friday, March 30, 2012

The Last Fish

photos by PSC / 2012

The Last Fish  
 (by psc)
What need will there be for benches, 
perfectly situated for fishing, properly positioned 
for introspection, contemplation, when this place
 declines, and all that remains are Styrofoam & plastic,
beer bottles, paper bags, soda cans, twine, rusty hooks
and tangled  fishing line?  …when cellophane profanes all 
that once was beautiful here?  …when the final fish’s gill 
has gasped its last breath, and there’s nothing left alive
 in this water or on this land?  No scents remaining, 
and the only visual evidence preserved on 
some server -- bits & bytes backed up 
on a flash drive or online 
encyclopedia?  What 
will be left to ponder 
or admire?
Who will 
want to 
pause in this place then,
and why?

NOTE:  This poem & pic was inspired by Joseph Harker's Reverie Twelve: ephemeral
-- link included here:


  1. Like all the details, Pam. Certainly something to ponder.
    Have a great Earth Hour this weekend!
    Will check out Joseph's link--great to hear about his work again.:)

    1. Something to ponder, indeed. Thanks, Patricia -- for stopping by & commenting. Have a great weekend!

  2. …when the final fish’s gill
    has gasped its last breath, and there’s nothing left alive
    in this water or on this land?

    This and all, breath-taking and SUCH a wake-up call. I'm forever trying to end this littered trail by passing on to my boys the responsibility of taking care of the land and picking up after others as much as I can. What a perfect poem to post publicly, Pamela. Cheers to your endeavor.

    1. Thank you, Hannah -- for your lovely comments AND your concern for the earth! And kudos to you for instilling that same care in the little ones. Nice to know there will be others to pick up the torch. ;-)