Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No Reason - PAD - Nov 6

photo by PSC

No Reason

There was no
reasoning with him.
(She'd tried.) Arguing?
Not an option; and
perspective carried no
weight.  What if…
your perfectly poised world
were to tilt abruptly
on its axis?  What if…
you were suddenly
sitting on the moon, or
situated in the center of the sky –
middle of the milky way maybe
sailing over Sagittarius
(arrow aimed at heart of Scorpius)
or exiled to (used-to-be a
planet) Pluto?
your absolute answer be
(just a little?)
Never.  No way.  Not possible.
He wouldn’t concede,
couldn’t conceive;
was absolutely certain 
he was always, Always,
ALWAYS right;
so she left


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