Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Old Man Winter Blues

 Old Man Winter Blues


He bellows and wails in the background,

percussion crack-rattling panes,

clattering bones of naked branches beyond.

I huddle deeper into blankets, lingering –  

listening, awaiting her throaty melody, anticipating

her hot convection – previsioning

smoky contralto toasting toes, steaming windows.

She inhales. 

Vaulting from bed into slippers & robe, I bustle,

scatting to the vent,

to savor the sultry bliss of her suspiration – 

bathrobe filling, blowing, billowing

with her warm exhalation.



photo by PSC 1/7/2014






  1. Love it!!! Whe I lived in Bethany we had hot air heat that came up throught the floor and into the living room and many a cold day I stood over it and basked in the warm flow of hot air!!! :-)

    1. Right there with you -- especially during these frigid cold days! Brrr. Thanks, "Anonymous" (Tara) -- for enjoying & commenting. ;-)

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  3. Thanks for stopping by, ammi roy! :-)