Sunday, February 23, 2014

Contempt of Crows

All photos by PSC / 2014

Contempt of Crows

Heard their raucous cawing
long before I spotted them
perched high in the canopy.

Pondering what (or who)
they heckled, I imagine them
cheering me on
as I labor uphill
hindered by heavy layers,
spindly sticks straddling unwieldy shoes,
while they look on, amused.

With droll departing squawk,
they levitate, slipstream the breeze,
and leave me alone to lumber.



  1. Great capture of these chatty birds! They hang out here in our trees, as well, making themselves heard as they wish! :)

    1. Thanks, Patricia! They are indeed chatty, and as entertaining to me as (I"m sure) I was to them! ;-)