Monday, June 22, 2015

An Eruption of Ducklings

An Eruption of Ducklings

A dog barks
on the trail up ahead,
nosing into the wood,
his leash stretched
to its limits.
A squirrel, I’m thinking.
But when I reach that spot
I’m startled instead,
by an eruption of ducklings:
this fumbling flurry of yellow fluff,
a convoy unaccompanied, unattended,
tumbles from the tall grass,
spills, scrambles onto the path –
a rumple-feathered, muddled,
adorable jumble of baby birds.
Disheveled, in apparent disarray, they
scurry ahead forming a huddle –
binding together and disengaging,
separating and recombining
in conspicuous confusion.
Lickety-split eleven ducklings
plop into the pond
paddling for all they’re worth –
a delightfully ducky skedaddling.
Their seemingly mussed tussle
 (I am convinced) is actually
a finely orchestrated distraction,
instinctive defense
designed to foil potential predators
such as this disconcerted wanderer
too startled and charmed
to capture anything
but a smattering
of haphazard
and fuzzy

photos by PSC / 2015-June


This poem was penned to share an experience I had while hiking in the woods just this morning. 

Summer has truly arrived!



Below is a YouTube link to an old favorite summer song by John Denver - "Season Suite – Summer".  

Hope you enjoy the music and the season!

   ==> John Denver's "Season Suite – Summer"





  1. So wonderful! Thank you for your delightful share of fluffy fun :-)

  2. Ahhhh, thanks, Sara! So glad you stopped by to enjoy those little balls of fluff! :)

  3. Great action poem, Pamela! Easy to visualize the moment with these ducklings!

    1. Thanks, Patricia! So glad you enjoyed my ducklings! They were truly adorable! :)

  4. Thanks for the summer link to John Denver's song, one of my all-time favourite musicians, so talented. Glad that we still have his music. Saw a documentary about him last month, interesting! Happy summer days! :)

    1. He's a favorite of mine too and seeing that documentary was a joy. Brought back a lot of old songs and good memories. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I enjoyed your "visit"! :)