Thursday, July 12, 2012


Miss Avatar World Competition girl by Brianna Beresford

Cyber Sweetheart
 Pamela Smyk Cleary / 2009

She isn’t real, your cyber sweetheart
she doesn’t actually exist,
abiding only in web and wires –
fantasy, fallacy, fiction.

No flesh and blood,
no bones about her –
only bits and bytes,
images, icons, illusions.

Seduced by cerebral web log,
ephemeral e-zine, blinded by
visceral vision of avatar,
allure of sensual forum figment

blissfully oblivious to her cut & paste
reformatted clipart – all
scars and stains airbrushed,
only beauty’s delusion remaining.

Faults, flaws, frayed edges,
(so very visible in real life) explain
why you’ll only n(ever) meet her 
Face(book) to Face(book).


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