Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Photo by DannyQuack


Uprooted from faraway places
distant homelands, familiar faces,
scattered, broadcast, blown by breeze
transplanted into common ground
by sweat and toil, they sowed
their seeds in fertile soil

old roots cling, hew and cleave,
standards relinquish, legacy
intermingles with new mores,
uncertain beginnings blossom,
wild flowers finding their own way


  1. Immigrants--old and new, a theme common to most of us. Like the use of the word "broadcast" in this context!
    Hope you are having a happy 4th evening! We had a lot of fireworks in the city on July 1.
    The flooring is two-thirds done so just a couple more days to go. :)

    1. Thanks, Patricia -- glad you stopped by! Enjoyed our fireworks over the last weekend as well, from a boat on the lake -- a wonderful time! Best of luck to you with that flooring job. :-)