Monday, December 24, 2012

Old Kris Kringle - 2012

photo by PSC / 2012

Old Kris Kringle’s working late
to get his records up-to-date
checking once and checking twice
Who’s been naughty?  Who’s been nice?

It’s been a very hectic year, with LOTS of work to do;
but, knowing human nature, well…
the same is likely true of you.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed,
and help is what you’re needing,
here’s a bit of sound advice;
(rest assured, it’s well worth heeding):

Let the laundry wait a day.  Take time with friends instead.
(It doesn’t really matter if the sink’s been scrubbed,
or you’ve changed the bed.)

The fact is friends don’t really care if your bathtub has a ring,
or your floors don’t shine, or your mirror’s smudged
or your rugs need vacuuming.

If there’s a list you’re keeping
of the things that MUST get done,
make sure that spending time with friends
is “Item Number One”.
(You think you have forever, but time slips away so fast.
You’ll never know, ‘til it’s too late,
which ‘farewell’ will be your last.)

So, drop in on us any time; we’ll open up our hearts and doors.
(Just, please, don’t look too closely
at our windows and our dusty floors!)
And don’t expect a sparkling home, or a royal, fancy fuss.
It’ll only be just Tim & me,
but you’ll get the best of us.

 Merry Christmas friends! 

Wishing you & yours all the best of health & happiness 
throughout the holidays and the coming year!

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