Tuesday, February 3, 2015

14 WORDS - Love Song

14 WORDS for LOVE - 2015: Love Song

ABOVE is my 7th entry for "14 WORDS for LOVE - 2015".

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And BELOW is my offering for the 1ST prompt of the

Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild - "The Sound of Love":

Universal Love Song


Earth offers up her serenade

in the nurturing hush of snowfall,

in the soft, soothing patter

of gentle rain on the roof

or timpani of thunder

accompanied by flashes of lightning

slashing the night sky;


a ballad of chirping birdsong,

squirrel and chipmunk chatter,

whispering zephyr,

susurrations of shivering leaves

and frozen streams, running still,

beneath a lace

of ice and snow;


the minstrel silver silence

of moonlight

as it slips between the blinds

and over the sill

to settle on my pillow,

sending me back to sleep

with a beloved’s smile.




And HERE is a link to the NEW "Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild" (PRPG) web site

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Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild: "The Sound of Love"





  1. this is gorgeous. I esp. love 'susurrations of shivering leaves' and the whole poem makes one feel...loved!

  2. Oh, THANK you, Janet! That's exactly the feeling I was aiming for. So glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Thanks for your visit... to my 'Sweet Dreamer...'
    I have a place here too for easy commenting.

    Visited you about page...hmmm. We could be sisters.

    Beloved's smiles are always the best :)

    1. Sweet! One can never have too many sisters. Nice to meet you Jules! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  4. Oh YES!! You KNOW this speaks directly to my Nature loving soul, Pamela!! So GOOD!! Closing with the moon and the use of "minstrel." Perfection! So wonderful to see your words, my friend!! ♥

    1. Ahhh, Hannah, thanks for dropping in to enjoy this one. Always a pleasure enjoying a stroll through nature with you! <3