Saturday, February 14, 2015

14 Words - YOU are LOVE(d) - 2015

14 WORDS for LOVE - 2015: YOU are LOVE(d)


You don’t always need 14 words

to say “You are Loved”

(but it helps!)


THIS is my LAST entry for Jodi Barnes' "14 WORDS for LOVE - 2015".

(Actually, it's one of my favorites from prior years)

   And here's my LAST link to Jodi Barnes' "14 WORDS for LOVE" BLOG:


AND ALSO my LAST links to my previous years' offerings 

for "14 WORDS for LOVE":

  (including a memento for Poetic Bloomings)


My 14 WORDS for LOVE for 2014

My 14 WORDS for LOVE for 2013


 And, please remember:

YOU are LOVE(d). 





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