Saturday, April 25, 2015

Beyond This Place… (2015 APR PAD - Day 25)

photo by PSC

Beyond This Place…

He dreamed of sailing far away
from his arid desert life;
to abide on a tropical island,
maybe take himself a wife.
He yearned to spend his autumn years
in the sway of a tall palm tree,
just lying in a hammock
in a calm and balmy lee.

But the maps said
there were creatures –
and his friends all told the tales
of fire breathing dragons
with wings and briny scales.

Still, the man set forth
despite his fears,
and traveled far and wide.
For many years, he wandered
‘til, at last, there did betide
a happening that changed his life 
when he headed too far west.
‘T was something one would not expect,
nor any could have guessed.

Fire breathing beasties!
They were awesome, fearsome things,
with talons sharp and pointed tails
and shiny, scaly wings.

But lest you think he’d breathed his last,
that’s not where his tale ended.
He’d found those creatures, yes indeed,
but, those dragons he befriended.

And please,
don’t think I make this up.
Now I don’t mean to be snide;
but the truth is,
later that same year,
he took one for his bride.


The above poem is written in response to Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides APRIL PAD (Poem-A-Day) Challenge for Day 25 (an across the sea poem):  

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