Sunday, November 27, 2016

November - Nov PAD day 12

photo by PSC 2016-11-5


In her early days she was bright,
cheery, full of light, an optimist
offering up riots of leaves –
so many shades – waves
of yellows and oranges
flooding into red, reflected
in wind-rippled waters;
thrashing shapes,
turbulent textures
against a blue background
a bottomless welkin;

but later,
her trees denuded,
filter a different light,
softer, weaker, all the while 
her darkness growing deeper,
disheartening, the shadows –
glum, gloomy, foreboding
a sinister storm brewing;
such an inauspicious end
to a month that began
with so much hope
and expectation. 

PSC 2016-11

Penned for Day 12 of Robert Lee Brewer's November PAD (Poem-A-Day) Challenge.   
Assignment: a month

For more, check out this link:  2016 November PAD - Day 12


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