Monday, June 9, 2014

The Writers’ Blog Tour: My Writing Process

The Writers’ Blog Tour: My Writing Process

(by “PSC in CT”)



photo by PSC / 2014



Yup, you read that right.  Today’s blog post is NOT a poem. 

It's another stop along the “WRITERS’ BLOG TOUR”.   

Today, the tour makes a stop in CONNECTICUT.


I've been asked to share some “PSCecrets” of “MY WRITING PROCESS”.

  But, before I do, let me first offer up my


(one of my favorite poets) for inviting me to participate in this writing tour! 

De Jackson is a parent, a poet and a Pro Crastinator of the highest order. She feels most alive when she has salty sea toes. She’s a terrible housekeeper, a mean Scrabble player, and hopes someday to live up to this lofty job description: 

I’ll be the poet who sings your glory, and live what I sing every day. – Psalm 61:8.

 You can read more of De via this link to her blog: WHIMSYGIZMO

AND check out her own "tour stop" in: NEVADA


And now… on to CONNECTICUT!

The Writers’ Blog Tour: My Writing Process

(by “PSC in CT”)

 Q:  What am I working on?

First, let me say that “working” is a strong word for what I’m currently doing – or more accurately, not doing.

I have a number of images and ideas floating around in my head… in notebooks… on random scraps of paper… in boxes and various computer files – some percolating, others more stagnant.   

The mix includes several chapbook ideas, a half dozen kids’ picture books, a one act play and a haphazard collection of greeting cards.  One friend of mine recently requested a calendar of my pics & poetry, so that’s on the table too. 

At present, however, the most pressing thing I am “working” on is growing my blog, despite a somewhat sporadic muse.  This is important to me because I am fascinated by the idea that once you share a poem you’ve written, you never know how far it might travel or whose life it may touch.  
 see poem: Johnny Appleseed  

Also, a friend once said, “poems should not sleep; they're meant to be shared”.   
 hence:  Poems Should Not Sleep   

My blog provides me with my own personal garden where I can plant a few "seeds" and watch them sprout and (hopefully) grow.  

photo by PSC / 2012

Q:  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well… ummm… I wrote it...?  

I believe that every writer’s work is different, because one’s writing is a complex combination of all those qualities, experiences and perspectives that make each individual unique.  Many writers will use the same tools and techniques (internal rhyme, rhythm, alliteration, assonance, consonance, enjambment, etc.), but each applies them in his/her own unique way.  Like snowflakes, no two people are exactly alike.  Heck... no ONE person is exactly the same!  Just like the river, we’re changing all the time!
see poems: Self Portrait and If I were a Clock 
photo by PSC / 2014

When it comes to subject matter, I write mostly (I think) about nature and the environment, people (myself & others – both real & imaginary) and personal relationships -- not necessarily in that order.  
Case in point, see poem: Since the Big Bang

But, then again, there are plenty of other writers who focus on similar topics.

Word choice is particularly important to me:  how words sound, as well as what they mean.  (Do they play nicely together – sing & dance – or break out in fisticuffs?)  I love poems that use words with multiple & different meanings; this provides additional layers & depth within a poem.  

And I’ve been accused of practicing that out-of-fashion poetic “sin”: personification (tsk tsk!)

But then, I don’t believe that certain “human qualities” are the exclusive property of human beings. 

Q:  Why do I write what I do?
That’s easy.  It’s what wants to be written!

My writing may be sparked by something I see or hear, taste or smell, a photo, painting or song, a news clipping, snippet of conversation, a scent, a snack, a prompt on someone else’s blog…. the list is endless!

Often, it’s something that has touched me profoundly in some way:   
like a news article about twin sisters separated in infancy [see Immeasurable] or elephants grieving the loss of a beloved human being [see Elephant Whispers].

It may be the request of a friend who’s taken a beautiful photograph that’s just begging to be captured in a poem [Thrice Captured] or a gorgeous photo offered up as a prompt on a another web site [The Gift], or even my own pictures:

 Whatever the inspiration, if it moves me in some way, I’ll be off to “work” on it.  And yet, despite what I may think I’m writing about, there are plenty of times when I am surprised by what comes out.  I’m never sure exactly where a poem will take me until I get there.  

That’s part of the fun of writing – discovering what wants to be written!  

photo by PSC / 2011

Q:  How does my writing process work?

“Process” is another strong word.  I’m not sure that you could call what I do a “writing process”; it’s more like a happy accident. 

Having spent many years as an IT professional struggling to meet unrealistic & unreasonable deadlines, I have (mostly) managed to divorce myself from clocks and calendars these days, and am endeavoring to embrace Brenda Ueland’s philosophy of “moodling” (as described above).  This makes for a sporadic writing schedule, and many missed deadlines at prompted sites that I visit somewhat erratically.   

At the present time, I write mainly for my own enjoyment – and that of my friends and family – and I try not to beat myself up (too much) for any apparent lack of writing drive and ambition. 

When I AM being productive (and even when I’m not), I am a morning person by nature, so morning is when I tend to get most of my writing done.  (Although, I must admit that sometimes weeks – and even months – may go by, without my penning so much as a single poem.)  Still, several times each week, I enjoy walking the local nature trail and I always take my camera & digital recorder with me, so I can capture any idea(s) that may spring up.
see: And So I Walk  (Is that a “process”? 
photo by PSC / 2010

I also try to keep pen & paper handy for those times, day or night, when inspiration might strike (– hoping that it won’t slip away before I can catch it.) 

Often, a poetry site's prompt will help me capture an elusive idea and pin it down into a specific poem.  Below are links to TWO of my favorite “poetic prompting” sites.  Both offer a positive, friendly, nurturing environment and deserve much credit for inspiring my own poetic muse:

(Wed prompts and Apr/Nov Poem-a-Day Challenges)  
(originally “Poetic Bloomings” by Walt Wojtanik and Marie Elena Good)

And there's one other site that's offered me inspiration (in a "small" way): 
So, THAT pretty much sums up MY “writing process”!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this CONNECTICTUT stop along The Writers’ Blog Tour as much as I’ve enjoyed earlier sojourns along the way. 

Thanks, again, to De Jackson, for inviting me to play!
NOW, it's my pleasure to announce the NEXT tour stop in:


I’ve crossed paths with this poet at Walt & Marie Elena’s Creative Bloomings, as well as visiting her own blog site.  She’s also been the most encouraging & frequent visitor here, keeping me company as I Wander and Ponder.  Please, welcome to the tour... 


Here's a link to Patricia's site: PM27’s BLOG 
Please, stop by anytime.
 (She'll post her own "tour stop" on Monday, June 16th)
Patricia A. McGoldrick at L’Anse Aux Meadows
Patricia A. McGoldrick is a Kitchener, Ontario Canada writer.    Her poems have been published in a number of anthologies, including:  Animal Companions, Animal Doctors, Animal People, Beyond the Dark Room, an international collection of transformative poetry (proceeds to Doctors Without Borders/MSF) and Poetic Bloomings -- the first year.  Her poetry and reviews have also been published in the Christian Science Monitor, The WM Review Connection, and

Recent titles include Potato, plus an acrostic fiction piece, Best in the Bruce! Her poem, Girls and Green Apples was selected as Monday’s poem for week of June 2, 2014.

Patricia is a member of The Ontario Poetry Society and the League of Canadian Poets.

Patricia's BLOG address is:

You can also find her at:
Patricia A. McGoldrick (Google Author site) and
@pamcgoldrick (Twitter)

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  1. PSC in CT, I wish you years and years of happy accidents! How fun to get to know you better on this blog tour, sandwiched here between De and Peppermint Patty ... a perfect lineup, in my book! Keep that sporadic muse close by, as she is quite the fun and creative soul!

    1. THANK you, Marie!! I SO appreciate your support and kind words -- always! :-)

  2. PSC, you have given such a great start to Monday! Thanks for the intro. I like that heads-up for my location! :)

    1. My pleasure, Patricia! Looking forward to visiting Ontario next week! ;-)

  3. AWESOMEness. Throughout. Adoring you. Your eye for the world, incredible photography, penchant for the "happy accidents" that spill themselves into amazing words.

    I absolutely loved visiting (and re-visiting) some of your poems. What a wonderful "tour" format.

    In short, you ROCK, my PSC in CT! ;) Thank you for picking up the quill, and wielding it so well.

    1. Oh -- THANK you, De -- high praise, indeed -- SO glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for inviting me to play! :-)

  4. PS: Your shadow and reflection self portraits are spectacular! :)

  5. I loved reading all of this and of course, all the photos. The cartoon blurbs also were stellar. What a great introduction to your blog. And what great poetry within. I will be back!

    1. Oh -- so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by to read & comment! :-)

  6. I feel so lucky to be your strolling ambling friend along this poetical path that we traverse together in community and separate in our own little-huge-amazing worlds!!

    This was SUCH a joy, Pamela...thank you for bringing so many of your gems to this tour!!

    I'm certainly practiced, now, at NOT being a robot!! Lol! ;) The captchas don't bother me...their actually kind of fun, (yes, I'm still a kid at heart)!!

    I'm so glad you were on my list and the person you picked was on my list, yay!!!

    Much love and inspiration to you, Pamela!! Keep walking no tocking! I probably won't get any of your replies...blogger is a bugger and won't communicate properly with WP...I can check back though! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying, Hannah! It's been such fun, revisiting & sharing some of my favorites -- and rereading all the lovely comments! What a wonderful time I'm having with that! Hope you catch all my replies... sooner or later. Thanks again!

  7. OH MY GOODNESS PSC... you mention that you are devoting a good deal of time to your blog ... Well m'dear this example is just FANTASTIC - interesting in content and form... easy and intriguing on the eye and I just fell a little more in love with you.... and now a personal invite to come on over and visit with me! THANK YOU AND THANKS TO DE FOR INVITING YOU!!!! I cannot leave without a final WOW!!!!

    1. Ahhh... Thanks, Pearl! So glad you had a chance to stop by & read! Such lovely comments -- thank you! I enjoyed the tour stop in Lido Beach last week, and will drop in again for more reading soon! :-)