Sunday, February 3, 2013


photo by PSC / 2012


Cupping this clementine -- sweet juicy citrus
from three thousand miles east of
this bitter winter afternoon
(insistent crystals pestering my window,
ticking, clicking on the glass pane)
I close my eyes, inhale, and suddenly
I’m sojourning in Mallorca, Madrid, Morocco
overlooking the Mediterranean Sea --
(no longer needing to cajole myself
to dress warmly, walk outside,
while all I really want is to hunker down
with hot chocolate, cozy quilt, good book) 


  1. Pamela, like this little poem on the clementine! I just finished eating one of them when I came across your poem.
    I try to buy local but citrus fruits just don't thrive in southern Ontario! My mother told me that she was thrilled to receive an orange at Christmas--our world has changed so much.

  2. Awww, thanks, Patricia! That's when I wrote it -- while enjoying one of those little cuties! Yum! So true about how the world has changed through technological advances. Hard to imagine any of the kids I know today being thrilled to find an orange in their Christmas stocking. ;-)