Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Found Feathers (for Chip - 1/30/2012)

photos by PSC - 1/30/2012  

Found Feathers
(for Chip - 1/30/2012)

Found the first on the side of the road,
white fluff fluttering,
blowing beautiful in the breeze;
next, a step or two away, another,
which I partnered with the first
and – click – a picture taken; steps later,
yet another, more colorful and – click,
another picture, memory preserved.

Then, I spotted more – one here, one
there, and a realization dawned,
more and more – feather upon feather,
I began gathering them up one by one, knowing,
even before the bloody, broken barb appeared,
an untimely death had occurred here. 
Still, I gathered what I could – of the beauty left
scattered on the trail – as a token – a remembrance.

Perhaps it’s all we – any of us – can hope for: 
to leave behind some essence of beauty,
something that others may recollect,
and cherish, after we are gone.

In memory of our good friend... who died 1 year ago today. 
You are missed, Chip.

old family vacation photos - Cape Cod, Mass.




  1. Loss is forever hard,
    Remembrance bittersweet.

    I would trade it for nothing
    Knowing that my heart continues to beat.

    A crazed world spirals out of control
    Some would consider a mighty feat.

    I wander on in this world
    Following imprints of charmed feet.

  2. Sweet, Meena -- love this! Thank you! :-)