Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Kudos to Kindness

photo by PSC / Nov-2016

Kudos to Kindness

Kudos and props
to the everyday people,
kind neighbors and strangers,
encountered each day;
those aides, maids and doers,
the help-you-get-through-ers
who find both the will and the way.

You know who I mean
‘cause you’ve seen them before:
They’ll stop what they’re doing
to open a door.
They’re smilers and greeters,
and please-take-my-seaters
(and lately our paths
seem to cross
more and more.)

 Those cup of hot tea-ers,
and coffee’s-on-me-ers
deserve all our thanks and our praise.
And it may sound outrageous
but I hope it’s contagious
and we all catch it
one of these days.

PSC / 2018-Nov

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