Friday, November 23, 2018

Mr. Potato Head

public domain photo - credits below

Mr. Potato Head

As a toddler and a young child
you were always numero Uno;
your life was Candy Land, 
and the world was just
a Barrel Full of Monkeys.

With watercolors,
crayons, and chalk
you could color your cosmos
any way you wanted it to be –
 no one decreed
you should stay
within the lines.

As you grew older,
perhaps you discovered Life
could sometimes be puzzling
and (whether or not
you went looking for it)
Trouble  might eventually
find you.

Sooner or later you may
(we hope) wise up to the fact
that it’s a lot harder
to Connect the Dots
than you ever imagined.

p.s. Some of us are wondering, in fact, 
if perhaps you’ve already lost your marbles.

PSC / 2018-Nov

public domain photo credits 

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