Saturday, November 17, 2018

You Never Know

public domain photo - credits below
You Never Know

but, the veteran
inhabiting a cardboard box,
who scours dumpsters daily
for something warm
to wear, to eat
(she knows)
the single parent
working three jobs
who needs decide
which bills to pay
and not
(he knows)
the inner city kids
waiting greedily
for their free
school lunches,
the lonely seniors,
anticipating a visitation
from Meals on Wheels,
the refugees
traipsing empty
but filled with hope,
fueled by dreams,
carrying their most
precious cargo
(they know)
but unless
by the next 
natural disaster
finds YOU 
waiting on FEMA,
or Red Cross, or
or the kindness 
of strangers,
you'll (probably)
never know.

PSC / NOV 2018

public domain photo credits

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