Friday, November 16, 2018

The Eyes Have It

public domain photo by Lorie Shaull
public domain photo - credits below
The Eyes Have It

Actual words and facts 
appear to carry less
weight these days, but
perception is everything.

If she speaks softly,
cautiously, then
she's deemed timid, 
weak, unfit to lead;
yet when he
does the same, 
he's perceived as 
powerful and
in control. 

When she
raises her voice
(or her fist)
she's judged a shrew,
while he, 
(on the other hand)
is regarded as resolute,
determined, decisive, 
and passionate.

(That is, unless
he's black or brown -
then he's presumed
a threat.)

PSC / 2018-Nov

PD photo credits below (in order):
(1) woman's fist
(2) black fist

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