Tuesday, April 9, 2019


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She scoffs at the notion
of luck or misfortune being
guided, governed by a clique
of handpicked numbers.
Three, seven, thirteen –
what can they mean?
You hold more luck
in your three fingers
than in the digit 3
(says she)

Numbers are merely ciphers,
(she avers) a tally, a census of sorts;
not things, but a method
for counting things
(which brings her to
her point)

Luck (she alleges)
lives and breathes and
needs a place to reside,
somewhere to hide;
That’s when she opens up
her cabinet of charms,
totems, talismans
and tokens, and
(I’m willing to bet)
she’s about to sell me
an amulet.

PSC / 2019-Apr

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