Wednesday, April 10, 2019


photo by PSC / 2010


She longs
to be alone to just
linger in waking, to listen
to the sounds of dawn breaking
to take the day one breath at a time
refusing to rise (until fully inclined)
then savor her breakfast in silence, or
maybe with windows and doors open wide
to manifest morningtide’s music inside,
drinking in all that she hears – frogs
peeping, birds cheeping, even
an early rainstorm
might be music
to her ears

she yearns
to wander the woods
for a spell, unencumbered
by duty or time, unconstrained,
to relish the taste of autonomy
as the afternoon gradually wanes,
slowly roaming until gloaming;
then, biding her time a bit more
 (welcome, moon, farewell, sun)
greeting each star 
one by one

but even
as she prepares these prayers,
(a petition of sorts to the uni-
verse) she divines a voice
from years before (expounding
with wisdom she shouldn’t ignore)
“be careful what you wish for, child,
be careful what you wish for”

 PSC / 2019-Apr

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