Saturday, April 6, 2019


photos by PSC


Earlier and earlier
every day,
I perceive the sky
lightening, brightening.
And the air fills
with trills of birdsong.
Peepers keep piping
the whole night long.
The calendar claims
it’s plainly spring,

but here’s the thing:

Even April admits
she’s a bit of a tease.
She relishes taunting.
She’ll flaunt a warm breeze
then crack you a wallop
that brings on a sneeze,
dropping you
to your knees.

Take today, for example:

all afternoon
it hasn’t been nice
falling pellets of ice
suggest spring’s
been enjoined;
or, perhaps
purloined –
fully pilfered,
swiped, nipped.
Either way,
I feel gypped.

PSC / 2019-Apr

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