Monday, April 8, 2019

Greens With Envy

Greens With Envy

Hyacinth hankers
for Holly’s berries.
Rue craves the scent
that Rosemary carries.
Ivy cites envy for Iris’s flower.
Erica covets Lavender’s power.

Veronica aches,
 (and I know this sounds silly)
but, she’d like to try soaking
in water – like Lily.

And Daffodil spills
she wishes that she
could be orange or red
(like Poppy instead)
while Poppy prefers
a bit darker hue –
maybe purple or blue –
more like Violet, who
while so dainty, petite,
thinks it might be quite neat
to be leggy and tall
instead of so small…
maybe bloom in the fall,
which makes Mum
rather glum,
as (despite her fall timing)
she’d much prefer spring
over everything.

It seems every plant –
in a pot, on a trellis
has a penchant for making
another one jealous

And it’s not just the flowers.
I beg of you, please,
don’t get me started
on shrubs, grass and trees.

PSC / 2019-Apr

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