Wednesday, April 24, 2019


photo by PSC


The attic remains filled to the rafters,
still brimming with boxes, bins, & crates,
bits of mementos of their conjoined life:
pressed flowers, dancing slippers,
a heart-shaped locket, scrapbooks
of news clippings – births, weddings,
graduations, and funerals; as well as
a wealth of baby memorabilia:
hand carved toys & rattles, tiny shoes,
a wisp of blond curls, and a feast of
photo albums overflowing with “firsts” –
first steps, first teeth, first day of school.

Another corner holds an accumulation
of vacation souvenirs: found feathers,
smooth stones, beach glass, and many
penny postcards from far off places
the whole family gallivanted together.

Then, for good measure,
there’s a swatch of ancient keys,
uncoupled from lost and forgotten locks
but linked, by the most fragile of cords,
that no one seems
quite ready
to let go of
just yet.

PSC / 2019-Apr

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