Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Timothy!

photo by PSC / 2012

You are mine
(in so much
as one being
can own another)
tethered together
(and apart), through
shared years: laughter,
tears, anger, elation,
frustration, (minutes
upon months, a decade,
a score and more)
and I am yours


  1. Pamela, the photo alone captured me, but this paean to your relationship is lovely. You have the essentials of love right in the palm of (the shadow of) your hand. Beautiful. Peace, Amy (also celebrating this week, 14 years married to Lex, both our second - and last - marriages:)

  2. Thanks, Amy! And congrats back at you. Loved this poem of yours too. Happy Anniversary! :-)

  3. "tethered together," Such a beautiful expression of unconditional love you've gathered here, Pamela! Your're wicked clever, my friend!!! Smiles to you!

  4. Thank you, Hannah! I DO love this photo... have used it before -- but, minus the wedding ring. (This poem just "called" for a ring!) ;-)