Friday, April 6, 2012

Otter Believe It (haiku)

You otter believe!
Both of us startled --
hidden (not hiding) from each.

public domain photo

NOTE:  I'm pretty sure that it was an otter that I surprised this morning as I was picking up at the reservoir.  Startled by our sudden face-to-face, he squeaked, dashed past me and dove into the water to swim away, and I was too surprised (and too slow) to catch a picture of him.  Thank you public domain! 


  1. Pamela, not only was the verse a perfect snapshot of one of life's most wonderful moments (unexpected close encounters of the critter kind), but you were VERY responsible in listing the public domain credits in detail. Brava! Amy
    (Another type of critter, canus domesticus!)

  2. Thanks, Amy! :-) Gotta love the critters -- they are a frequent source of amusement! I'll stop by to check out your poem. Thanks for sharing it.