Saturday, April 7, 2012


photo by PSC

Supervising Spring      

Best job I ever had (although it doesn’t pay).
I monitor her progress every single day.
“A bit more green”, (that’s what I say)
“and yellow too, and maybe blue”.  

Then:  “sprinkling violets in the lea?
That idea’s just fine with me!”
And:  “make the robin’s song more loud;
give the sky one fluffy cloud”
(just to break up all that blue --
it’s the least that she could do).

Does she listen as I go?
Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.
It’s uncertain, that’s the thing,
what the coming days will bring,
when you’re supervising spring.

NOTE:  Not a prompted PAD poem -- that will come later, I hope -- just a gift of the season!    

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