Wednesday, April 11, 2012


public domain photo

Hurricane Season

Tempest, she storms in
ready to blow, bound
to rain on your parade
heated, intense, hell-bent,
gale force spitting fits of fury,
lightning thrashes, thunder
crashing, tantrum unrestrained

abrupt cloudburst gushes
teeming torrents, pelting hail,
downpour rushes, rivers 
rising, flood tide spiking,
while you scurry for cover

incremental shift in weather:
squall to shower to sprinkle                   
to mist, warms to steamy,
suddenly stunning
cloudless blue sky

don’t be mislead by her
soft balm, sweet calm,
sunny disposition
you’re just caught
in her eye

best you can do:
lay in supplies,
batten down hatches,
and hope you can
weather the storm


  1. Totally feeling the movement in this and love the stillness of the hurricane eye, contrasting, Nice one, Pamela!

  2. Thanks, Hannah! So glad you enjoyed it. :-)