Friday, April 27, 2012


The Trouble is …This Poem

It isn’t going to write itself --
and apparently neither am I
(I left it alone, by itself, all day
and it didn’t even try! )

I told it April’s hanging on
another day or three.
(It doesn’t seem to care a bit,
as you can plainly see)

It has no true ambition –
and its rhyme is rather poor.
It doesn’t really seem to care
just what’s a meta- for.

Poetic license has expired --
(it never paid its dues)
It’s obvious to me
it’s been abandoned by the muse!

The problem is:  it wants my help
but my mind’s in disarray
(It’s probably that glass -- or two --
of lovely Cabernet)

The trouble is… this poem
needs a total redesign
but, frankly, I don’t give a damn
and therefore, I decline

Now, you can call me Scarlet
(yes, O’Hara) – that’s ok
‘cause after all, tomorrow
(really!) is another day 

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