Friday, April 20, 2012


Public Domain photo - credits appear below


(She tried, she claims,
to get it right)
pay attention!
such many
(whose hand?)
trochę (a what?)
some, little bit,
pinch (how many
fingers in a pinch?)
trochę only (no
measuring cups
or spoons) mix
fingers ‘til feeling
right (right?)

She never learned
the recipe dying
with her mother-in-law

Credit / Licensing info for Pierogi photo above


  1. This is one of those treasured moments captured so well in a poem.
    Any fried onions to go with the pierogi?

    1. Thanks, Patricia! I do wish she'd learned the recipe, though... and passed it on to her daughters! :-) Just thinking about adding onions to these pierogies has me drooling! :-))

  2. Actually, here in Kitchener, these are a favourite in the community with many families bringing favourite recipes from Eastern Europe throughout the years. Seems like the fried onions are a favourite addition to the dish.
    Hope you saw my pink rose sent out to all the great poets with whom I have shared so many words in the last couple of years.:)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. As a child, we got them served up plain & fried. The addition of onions was something I discovered much later -- yummy! I did find the rose -- just recently, lovely. Have a sweet, springy weekend yourself! Thanks! :-)