Saturday, April 22, 2017

Housekeeping - PAD Day 20

public domain photo - credits below

Tasked with this poetic endeavor,
she strews her thoughts into the wind;
watches them flutter, spatter,
splatter to the floor,
lets them curdle, congeal.

She blots up the watery,
sappy streaks,  
vacuums up broken motes,
dusts betwixt the debris,
sifting carefully
through the remaining spilth
for succulent tidbits –
any fragment, flyspeck, scintilla
that might be scrubbed and
scoured free of stains,
buffed and polished into a poem.

Dissatisfied with the salvage,
she sweeps the whole
of the remains
into a dustpan and dumps it
into the rubbish.

PSC 2017-Apr

My offering for Day 20 of Robert Lee Brewer's Poem-a-Day (PAD).
Assignment: a task poem

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