Sunday, April 23, 2017

Last of the Lasts - PAD Day 23

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Last of the Lasts

Her parents said
it would never last, but
she kept on giving him
one  last chance.
They say you’re always
the last to know,
but, oh honey, she knows.
 She’d always thought
that leaving was
the last thing she’d do,
but last night
was the last straw –
she’s through.
She wouldn’t stay now
(not even if he was
the last man on earth.)
But before she takes that
last bus, last train,
last flight out,
she leaves a note,
her last goodbye;
and burns his belongings
in a backyard bonfire.
(Because, she
who laughs last,
laughs best.)

PSC / 2017-Apr

My offering for Day 23 of Robert Lee Brewer's Poem-a-Day (PAD).
Assignment: a "Last (blank)" poem

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