Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fishin’ for Complement (2016 April PAD - Day 5)

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Fishin’ for Complement

My ex-husband was a worm.

Now, we was just young
and stupid (some might say
when my papa caught us
gettin’ some experience,
(if you know what I mean),
in his boat while we was
s’posed to be fishin’.  Well,

the compliments was flyin’, and
Papa didn’t fancy the way we was
complementin’ each other
(if you know what I mean). So,

we had us a shotgun weddin’
and two baby boys
before the marriage
(and my slick, slippery man)
went south.

My papa, he was more
of a daddy to those two boys
than their own pa ever was.

Papa just loved to take us all
fishin’ in his boat.
The boys, they enjoyed it too –
still do. But me, I never
took much of a likin’ to it. 
Seems like

whenever I watch one of my boys
laughin’ with his granddaddy,
slippin’ a night crawler,
 on his hook,
I see it squirm,
and I just can’t help
but feel sorry
for that worm.


Penned for Day 5 of Robert Lee Brewer's April PAD (Poem-A-Day) Challenge.  
Assignment: an experienced or inexperienced poem
For more, check out his site at2016-april-pad-challenge-day-5

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