Thursday, April 7, 2016

Urban Lonely (2016 April PAD - Day 7)

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Urban Lonely

She’s stylish, she says,
ahead of the curve;
keeping up
with the times.
‘Tiny house living’
that’s what they call it
these days. Minimize
your footprint,
maximize function.

Her tiny apartment
houses just her
and her budgie –
a handsome fellow
she calls Blue.
Un-caged, he comes
and goes at will,
spending hours
in Central Park
during the day.

She marvels, though,  
that he always manages
to find his way back
to her cardboard box
under the railroad bridge.

At times,
she thinks she must be
his only friend
in the world.

PSC / 2016

Penned for Day 7 of Robert Lee Brewer's April PAD (Poem-A-Day) Challenge.
Assignment: "Urban (blank)"
For more, check out his site at2016-april-pad-challenge-day-7

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  1. Whoosh...when the meaning's like a freight powerful piece, Pamela. ♥