Tuesday, April 19, 2016

(In)vocation (2016 April PAD - Day 18)

photo by PSC / 2015


Her heart’s set on a change.
She’s already looking
forward to a new office –
planning to exchange
these concrete corridors,
cubicle walls and re-circulated air
for some dirt trails, towering
trees, and clean breezes.

She’s fully prepared
to transform from fluorescent
lights into filtered sunshine,
and she’s hoping to
trade in her alarm clock,
to abide by a time keeper 
of a more
celestial nature.

She’s even amenable to heeding
the morning announcements –
(but only if they’re
pronounced by peepers),
and hearkening
to some office scuttlebutt –
(so long as it’s bantered about
by a babbling brook.)

She’s currently of a mind
to swap out her conference calls
for bird calls –
(shouted, sung, flung
to the four winds) and
she’s likewise inclined
to barter her glass ceiling
for a wide, diamond-strung sky.

PSC / 2016


 Penned for Day 18 of Robert Lee Brewer's April PAD (Poem-A-Day) Challenge. 
Assignment: an office poem
 For more, check out his site at:  2016-april-pad-challenge-day-18

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