Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Violent Truth

Public Domain photo by Aliparsa – Sept 7, 2012

A Violent Truth

Violence pervades nature,
permeates, percolates,
all as a matter of course.
Supporting survival instincts –
food, protection, self-preservation –
it provides a natural balance
sans maliciousness, minus malice.

What lion harbors enmity for appetizing zebra?
Does delectable gazelle abhor hungry hyena?
Both dragonfly & praying mantis
are predators & prey
on any given day.

Violence in nature is a common phenomenon
occurring without malevolent intent.
The natural world thrives on it.

on the other hand,
is mostly man-made;
a toxic human concoction,
unnatural, unnecessary –
more greed than need;
destructive, unproductive,
it rarely profits anyone anything
and offers no portion of peace.


Written for 2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 8 – A Violent and/or Peaceful poem:



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